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Do I Need A High-Security Door Lock?

Regular locks are easily broken into. This means that if you own a business or have rental properties, you have to replace or rekey them frequently. Aside from being less secure, they can also be costly in the long run. 

For anyone who wants to protect their property, high-security locks are a better option. If you haven’t upgraded your locks to a high-security product, here are a few reasons to do so.

Can’t Be Copied

Whenever you know that the keys you have given out cannot be copied for others to use, you can rest easily at night. Duplicate keys need a unique tool, so tenants, employees, and others cannot simply run to the local key shop and create copies.

A lot of these high-security locks require a security card which shows a locksmith you have the authority to ask for a copy of the key. This will make sure you know exactly how many keys are out there and who has them. 

Resistant to Lock Picking

With a high-security lock, you could lower the risk of a burglar breaking into your home or business. The system makes it more complex for the burglar to pick the lock, which means they have to look for another easier way inside. In almost every case, the burglar will just leave and look for another property to target.

These locks are made of more durable material that’s able to withstand strong-arm tactics to gain entry. The burglar is likely to give up and move on after they see the lock is not going to give them easy access.

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Strength of the Bolt

Do I Need A High-Security Door Lock?

The role of a bolt is to endure a certain amount of pressure. Typically, high-security door locks have    durable steel bolts that can tolerate beating attacks used against the
door. This includes shoulder strikes, sledgehammers, battering rams, kicks, and much more.

A regular lock would fail easily with these attacks. In addition to that, high-security
door locks with strong bolts will be resistant to cuts. Burglars won’t be able to utilize
a reciprocating saw or hacksaw to break the bolt and open your door.

Save Money in the Long Run

Though high-security locks might cost a bit more at the start, they will save money over the long-term. You won’t have to worry about replacing locks as often and repairing damaged locks after a break-in. 

The peace of mind in knowing everything is safe and secure is the most important reason to install these locks. Consider replacing your current locks with high-security products designed to keep you safe and the burglars away.

Drill Resistant

Obviously, a burglar can easily gain access to a property if they break the lock with the use of a drill. Since it is fast and works on almost every lock, burglars usually use the drill method. However, a high-security lock can prevent this. A burglar who finds high-security door locks with anti-drill features will easily get discouraged since the technique won’t work anymore. 

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