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Rekey Locks and Cylinders Marietta GA

A lot of times, our locks don’t actually need to be replaced. Instead, rekeying locks is the most proper way to be done to fit the new keys inside. This procedure is fairly less expensive than replacing the lock, and it can also take five minutes at most. East Cobb Locksmith can rekey locks and cylinders in Marietta GA without damaging your entire lock. We are licensed in this area and can guarantee you a cost-effective service.

When Should You Rekey Your Locks and Cylinders?

We can rekey locks and cylinders in Marietta GA at any time of the day. But how can you know that you only need to rekey your locks instead of replacing them?

Sometimes, when you call us to replace your lock or cylinder, we might advise you to only rekey them especially when we inspected it to be fixable and there is no integral part of the lock that is damaged. If this is the case, rekeying is often the best choice for the customers because it is a lot cheaper and faster than replacing it with a whole set of lock. Rekeying means that the springs and pins inside the lock are removed and replaced with another springs and pins. If you are a new homeowner and there were previous people that used your house before, it is urgently needed that you rekey your lock for your security. There are houses that use master pins inside the lock, and several keys can open these locks without you knowing. Locksmiths can prevent this from happening by removing master pins inside any hard-wearing locks.

Rekey Locks and Cylinders Marietta GA
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Full-range of Rekeying Service

We rekey any type of locks and cylinders to give you exclusive
access to your home or business. Here are some of the features
of our rekeying service:

  • Night latch cylinders
  • Euro cylinders
  • Oval cylinders
  • Deadbolt
  • Key-in knobset cylinders
  • Padlocks
  • Roller door locks, and many more!
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Why You Need To Rekey
Your Home or Establishment

A break-in is not the only reason why you need to rekey your home and commercial building.
And while lock replacement is also a good choice, our budget can’t always agree. Here are
some of the reasons why you should call a locksmith for lock rekeying:

  1. Your house is previously owned. Although you have the keys now,
    they may still have spare and can get in your house at any time.
  2. You share keys to a person you don’t trust anymore
  3. You bought your house from a contractor who may have access to your home
  4. Your house is master-keyed
  5. You lost your keys and they may be stolen
  6. The lock of your building is creaking and unable to budge. Rekeying
    also allows a locksmith to clean and lubricate the locks for a smooth operation.
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