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Protecting Your Home against Lock Bumping

Nowadays, almost every home still utilize cylinder locks as a primary source of security. However, these locks are easily compromised with the technique known as “lock bumping”.

The process includes a burglar inserting a unique into the lock, and then gently “bumps” it using a mallet or a screwdriver. 

The method does not need any special skill and it works almost all of the time. This enables burglars to enter your home without any sign of forced entry. 

Here are several ways to protect your house against lock bumping.

Better Visibility around Your Property

Lock bumping can be quickly done in a matter of minutes. However, if they can be caught in the act by a neighbor or passerby, criminals are less likely to try it. 

Because of that, you’ve got to keep the landscaping in your property as visible as possible. If your house has excellent lighting, you can easily deter these burglars.

Short-term Lock Guards

Several cheap items are now available on the market to help avoid lock bumping. For instance, you can utilize a “flip guard”. This product will firmly hold the old lock and deadbolt in place even if a burglar tries to pick the lock. 

However, there is a disadvantage when you use this item. Even when you use the right key, you cannot unlock it from the outside. Thus, this is a temporary solution that can be utilized when you’re inside or to secure the lock before exiting from another door.

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Bump-Proof Locks

Protecting Your Home against Lock Bumping

A lot of reliable lock manufacturers are now manufacturing bump-resistant or
bump-proof locks.

These high-security locks do not rely on the pin tumbler locking systems and are made
to be almost impossible for thieves to bump or pick. Several types also have added
safety elements such as a bolt with a ball bearing extension that locks into the
receiver of the door frame.

You can always ask your locksmith to recommend a high-security option for your house.

High-Security Locks

Installing high-security locks could also be a wise move. If you install a high-security lock people can’t make copies of the key.

High-security keyways are patent protected. This means that only one manufacturer can make the key and only issues that specific key to a security or locksmith company.

A high-security lock is made of the most durable material. They are also made to be resistant to lock-bumping. Thus, you can easily deter criminals with these locks

Keyless Deadbolt Locks

Several years before the news began reporting on lock bumping crimes, keyless locks started gaining popularity. You have to ensure it is bump proof if you choose to install a keyless lock. A lot of the older models still have key cylinders that can be lock bumped. 

When they’re integrated with biometric technology, the security of these locks can be improved. This is more expensive than the options offered above but by far the most secure. You will save a lot of money in the long run. 

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