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When Should You Change Your Locks

Without a doubt, your door locks are the most crucial security feature in your home. They are an important part when keeping you and your property safe from burglaries and anti-social crime. However, homeowners tend to forget about their door locks once installed. The reason is that they do not require constant attention.

A lock is an inactive security device that does not need constant maintenance. However, sometimes that’s not enough.

Changing your locks is something that most people are aware of, but rarely do. It is important to know when you should change them.

You Lost Your Keys

At some point, all of us have lost a key. If you have lost your keys, now will be a good time to change your locks, instead of worrying about who might have found your keys and what they might do. 

With the help of a professional locksmith, the procedure is easy and fast. Best of all, you can get peace of mind that your home is secure once again.

It might be a wise move to consider switching over to a keyless entry home security system if you find that losing your keys is something of a habit. 


It will be an excellent move to get the locks changed if you have had a strong disagreement with a partner, roommate or friend. There is a possibility that people who we were once close with could try to find a way into the house to cause harm, take possessions, or vandalize in the heat of emotion.

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You Purchased a New Home

When Should You Change Your Locks

You have signed the deal and you’re now the proud owner of a new home! Of course,
that is very exciting!

One of the first and most important tasks on your list as a new homeowner should be
to change the locks. You will want to ensure that there is no chance that the previous
homeowners or their relations have a way of getting into your house, even if you have
received a guarantee that you’ve been given the only set of keys for the home.

Old Locks

After some time, even the most durable locks get old. Locks become a bit more stubborn and hard to use with age. It will be an excellent move to book an appointment with your locksmith if you find that it takes a bit of struggle to open the door.

Broken Lock

To stay effective, locks need a bit of maintenance. It is like anything else within your house.

While a lot of experts strongly suggest doing lock maintenance on a regular basis, it is also worth keeping in mind that locks will fail eventually or become damaged to the point where they are a liability to the home security. If this happens, you have to make sure to get them changed immediately. It will be very embarrassing to become the victim of a home burglary just because your door locks weren’t an excellent line of defense anymore.

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