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Why You Should Use High-Security Locks For Your Business

You expect that your keys will keep your property secure, whether you are handling the keys for an entire business or unlocking the doors to your home. What you might not know is that not all keys are made the same. Though basic locks and regular keys serve the general use of unlocking and locking your valuables, high-security locks and keys offer an additional level of protection.

Here are several common reasons why you should incorporate high-security locks for your business:

Have Full Access Control

When using a high-security key system, you could exactly control who has access. A master key system in business establishments enables only authorized personnel into pre-approved places. Aside from helping prevent unauthorized use of the building and specific areas, it can also help prevent employee theft. Another great use of a master key system is if you have a housekeeper who comes during the day, but who you don’t want to have access on other days.

More Difficult To Duplicate

You might have seen keys that have “do not duplicate” stamped on it. These keys aren’t high-security and are actually duplicated all the time. 

On the other hand, restricted keys are made with a special patent that prevents them from being duplicated at your regular hardware store. The truth is that these keys are only allowed to be duplicated by particular locksmiths. Work with the locksmith to opt for high-security locks and keys if you are re-keying a new home or an apartment you just moved into.

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Save Money in the Long Run

Why You Should Use High-Security Locks For Your Business

For most businesses, most expenses associated with door locks come from the need to
replace locks. One of the reasons why high-security locks are the best is because of
their complicated system. Since this system utilizes various levels of biaxial key
cutting, they’re very hard to pick.

Furthermore, as we’ve mentioned, individuals cannot duplicate the keys without proper
authorization. That is why you will notice that you will not have to replace the lock
much often anymore if you have a high-security lock. This is especially true if your
employees lose a key too frequently.

Rekey the Locks Right Away

At some point, several employees will lose a key. If this occurs, a business will have to replace the locks. 

Fortunately, if you have a high-security door lock system, this will not be required anymore. You could rekey the lock right away when a key is lost or stolen. This means that any person who tries to utilize the stolen or lost key will be denied access. 

Remotely Monitor Your Business

Technology has offered us the capability to completely changing the way we think about keys. Modern locks allow you to lock, unlock, and alarm your home with the use of a smartphone. If an alarmed is tripped, you will also get alerts. In addition to that, some types even enable you to call your local police department to respond quickly whenever there is an attempted break-in in your house.

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